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When you have your carpeting cleaned on a regular basis by a professional, you will be able to improve the quality of your home, maintain the look of the carpet, and also improve the overall longevity. You can think of your carpet like a filter that collects pet dander, soil, dust mites and a variety of allergens.

Vacuuming is just as important, but it is not going to be enough to remove all of the particles that are attached to the fibres of the carpet and deeply embedded. This dirt that has become trapped is abrasive, so it will scratch and damage the carpet fibres, leading to premature wear.


The only way that you can get rid of this deep down soil is to have the carpets professionally cleaned by a company that you can trust, such as Aussie Carpet and Pest.

With Aussie Carpet and Pest, we have the ability to help you clean all of your carpeting, upholstery mattresses rugs and more..

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Did Know Important Of Having Your Carpets Cleaned ?

– The virus responsible for stomach flu is able to survive on a carpet that is unclean for a month or longer.

– The average person will shed about one million skin flakes in about 24 hours, with most of which becoming embedded down in the carpet fibres. It is recommended that you only wait between five to eight months before you have your carpets professionally cleaned. This is a job that many people will leave until last or something that gets put off until we are no longer able to wait. However, choosing to have the carpets fully cleaned will bring a hygienic, clean and fresh element to your home.

– Our carpet cleaning Brisbane company is family owned and operated, which ensures you will get the same wonderful service every time that you call us.

– We work to be sure we are environmentally conscious, and we only use biodegradable, environmentally friendly products.


If you are looking to find a carpet cleaning Brisbane professional for cleaning the carpet in your home or business, you will find that Aussie Carpet and Pest is the answer for your carpet cleaning needs. We are very reliable, well-trained, friendly and respectful to each client. We understand the industry and we will be happy to offer advice on a wide range of services.


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(Extra $8 per Room If Required) Carpets & Upholstery MUST be Pre-Vacuumed before steam cleaning can take place, vacuuming removes up to 60% of the dirt. This can be done by you or by us.

Steam Cleaning Process – Stage 1 (Included)

Carpet & Upholstery is then presprayed with biodegradable cleaning solution, this helps break down dirt making it easier to clean.

Steam Cleaning Process – Stage 2 (Included)

Any spots and stains are treated to help remove and breakdown stains.

Steam Cleaning Process – Stage 3 (Included)

Carpet & Upholstery is then steam cleaned (Hot Water Extraction), this is hot water being injected through the fibers and then being instantly vacuumed back up taking the dirt with it.

Steam Cleaning Process – Stage 4 (Included)

Deodoriser is applied, keeps your Carpet & Upholstery fresher for longer

Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

1: Over time your carpet attracts a multitude of allergens and even dust mites. They can have an effect on the health and well being of your family. This is especially true in homes with small children or pets who often play, lay and generally spend more time on the floor. By having your carpets steam cleaned you are removing these elements from your carpet and so providing a cleaner space for your family to relax and play.


2: Steam Cleaning is effective and most popular technique for cleaning and maintaining carpets, especially in large places such as offices or hotels were you need impress customers and motivate employees. Professional carpet cleaning gives maximum results; it can bring even dull looking carpet back to life.


3: Steam Cleaning is great value for money. You can get your Carpets Cleaned from as little as $79